Unmanned Aerial Vehicles with Vertical Take Off and Landing capability

Posted // 20th Feb. 2021

Unmanned aerial vehicles with vertical takeoff and landing capability (VTOL UAV) which are able to hover, have considerable application in urban and indoor environment. Helicopter and other vehicles same as it has open rotor and it is dangerous in indoor flying. Ducted fan UAVs designed to resolve this problem. Flying in urban and indoor environments must be safe and harmless. In this project we focus on the special kind of VTOLs that use a duct around of its propellers. Duct adds flying safety to the robot. Furthermore duct has some advantages in aerodynamics. We investigate these advantages in this project. Also we designed and build a sample of coaxial ducted fan. Aerodynamics, mechanical, electrical, embedded systems and control strategy designed in this work. Fuzzy logic control used for controlling. After preparing experimental plant, aerodynamics features evaluated. The main goal of  this thesis was hovering and it considered in every step.