Hybrid magnetic levitation system with sliding mode controller

Posted // 20th Feb. 2021

The hybrid magnetic levitation system is using a permanent magnet as well as an electromagnet coil to provide the magnetic attraction force for levitation. The magnetic circuit has been optimized by the help of Genetic algorithm, and the sliding mode controller guarantees the control and stabilization of the system despite weight uncertainties. The main application of this system is in the MAGLEV trains. Although, by considering the superb advantages of the hybrid MAGLEV system, including zero friction (contactless), optimized power consumption, higher speed and higher acceleration, it can also be used in the satellite and missile launchers.

Magnetic levitation systems have some more different applications as following:

  • Contactless manipulation of small objects, such as micro/nanoparticles, biological entities, and even cells in varied applications in biosciences (Magnetophoresis)
  • Contactless manipulation of cells for the production of 3D cellular structures in tissue engineering applications
  • Magnetic bearing that leads to higher lifetime by removing friction and better functionality
  • Magnetic levitation application in energy harvesting by low frequency vibration