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BEHFACO was established in 2002, formerly known as Pars IKT and specialized in instrumentation and monitoring devices. It experienced a decline in activity until 2010 and was re-established as BEHFACO in 2018. The company now specializes in fields of instrumentation, robotics, optimization and its applications in the marketing and pharmaceutical industry. It has successfully obtained 8 patents and has an excellent reputation for embarking on ambitious and international projects in the fields of industry, marketing, and pharmacology. Among the company’s activities are; designing and manufacturing an insulator cleaner robot, a manipulator robot, a line tracking robot, a small-sized oil tank cleaner robot, a swimmer robot, MEMS accelerometer for measuring power plant equipment’s vibrations, vibrational analysis, fault detection, and error minimization of Imam Khomeini refinery’s compressor, manufacturing an optimized optical level gauge for Imam Khomeini refinery, presenting an optimal solution for economical calculations of the Latian dam and its hydraulic power plant, manufacturing a BVMS tester system for Distributed Control System of Arvand Petrochemical Co, etc.